April, May and June…..

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April, May and June…….my feet do not touch the ground. July…….and relax….but not too much.  I would like to share some of the highlights of this busy, busy (some might say completely bonkers) time of the horticultural year.  Spring bulbs ~ Fritillaria meleagris at a local Wiltshire Wildlife Reserve. A… Read More »April, May and June…..

Spring salads ~ 19/4/2016

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Get a big sack type planter for your greenhouse or conservatory; fill it with some lovely growing media of your choice (I use good quality multipurpose compost mixed with some delicious homemade compost) and sow yourself some salad crops.  I am currently enjoying small harvests of salad bowl lettuce, lollo… Read More »Spring salads ~ 19/4/2016

Confession ~ 4/4/2016

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It is time to come clean.  I frequently post photographs on my website and Instagram of beautiful plants, flowers and garden scenes.  Some of the beautiful plants and flowers are from my own garden. None of the beautiful garden scenes are from my own garden. I do not live in… Read More »Confession ~ 4/4/2016